Lexa Gluck

Lexa Gluck

Milton native Lexa Gluck is making it big out in Los Angeles with the recent premiere of her new web episodic, “Desert Sky.”

Gluck, who was born and raised in Milton, attended Milton Academy before pursuing a degree in theater arts at Smith College and training at the American Repertory Theater (ART) at Harvard University. She also studied at the Moscow Arts Theater School and the British American Drama Academy.

Gluck is one of the producers of a sci-fi/fantasy web episodic called “Desert Sky” premiering at the Dances with Films film festival.

“It is a family drama about a space princess caught in a deadly war between magic and technology,” said Gluck, who created the web series with her co-producer and co-founder of Seventh House Productions, David Hartstone. “David and I have been working creatively for the past five years. During the pandemic, when everything shut down, David and I were at home in his apartment, and we decided it was time to found the company and officially become co-founders of Seventh House and be real LLC filmmakers.”

The two began working on Desert Sky in October 2020.

“It was definitely a scary time and continues to be because you know the health and safety of everyone on set is really dependent on people not having COVID,” Gluck said.

Productions in L.A. at the time were still shut down due to the pandemic and Gluck and Hartstone didn’t know if film festivals would come back.

“Productions all over town were absolutely closed,” she said. “We had no idea if film festivals would come back so we really shot this for ourselves.”

“Desert Sky” premiered at the 25th annual Dances with Films Film Festival on June 18, held at the TCL Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. The festival closed out on June 19 to shed light on the importance of the Juneteenth holiday.

“The festival has been incredible. We’ve already seen some mind-blowing films, and it really is the best of independent cinema in Los Angeles,” Gluck said.

Dances with Films took place from June 9 to 19, showcasing a variety of indie films.

Gluck began her acting career at the age of seven at an after school program at the Footlight Theater in Jamaica Plain.

“I was a really shy kid and it brought me out of my shell,” she said. “I was in the theater until I was 25.”

Gluck spoke highly of the performing arts program at Milton Academy.

“Milton had an incredible program. That was definitely one of the highlights of my high school career. I did at least two or three plays a year,” she said.

Gluck went on to attend the ART for graduate school, earning her Master of Fine Arts degree in acting.

“It’s just basically a pipeline for Broadway,” she said. “Every show that starts at ART inevitably ends up on Broadway. I remember the first production I saw there was at my orientation. It was ‘The Glass Menagerie’ starring Zachary Quinto and Cherry Jones.”

When asked what she misses about the East Coast, Gluck replied, “I definitely miss the fall and the seasons. I miss how academic Boston is and what an amazing community of people everyone is. There are just really amazing communities who will always have my heart because I grew up there and I think of them fondly.”

Gluck has starred in Noah Hawley’s “Legion” and Deon Taylor’s “Fatale” and will be co-starring in the upcoming Hulu untitled Chippendales project by “Pam and Tommy’s” Robert Siegel.

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