Library tech

Regan Mulcahy and Christopher Callaghan

Inquiries increase for library device advice

Christopher Callaghan and Regan Mulcahy comprise the technical assistance department for Milton Public Library patrons who may or may not recall when the library added new and interesting tools to its collection. 

They were called computers, and monitors resembled short, stout TVs.  Bulky, vertical hard drives stood close by, enhancing their mysteriousness. 

About four or five computers were positioned atop tables inside the front door lobby.  

Curiously, the high long wooden index card table vanished, triggering considerable trepidation. How would one be able to find books without those typed catalog cards? 

Bravery was required for most to saunter over to a computer, and typing on a keyboard represented a challenge. 

Now computers can be plopped into petite pockets and worn as wrist watches.  We connect world-wide via smartphone and the internet.  

21st century technology seems to parallel the speed of light. Many people, however, have not traveled at top velocity regarding the endless expanse of apps, programs, and gadgets and are knowledge deprived, technically speaking.  

More on this story can be found in the Milton Times issue of Jan. 2.

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