By Ken Green / Times Staff

Milton, MA – Despite the lowest voter turnout by percentage in at least 14 years, voters in Milton elected new members to the Board of Assessors, Board of Health and Planning Board, as well as several new Town Meeting members in the April 29 election.

Of the 18,773 registered voters in the town, approximately 2,553 or 13.6 percent made it to the polls on Tuesday. Town Clerk Susan Galvin said she searched as far back as 2000 and could not find a lower turnout. That percentage is even lower than the 2008 turnout when, despite no contested races, 14.8 percent of registered voters still voted.

The low turnout did make it a relatively easy night for election workers at the polls and at Town Hall. The first returns, from Precinct 1, made it to Town Hall approximately 27 minutes after the polls closed at 8 p.m., while the final returns, from Precinct 6, arrived at approximately 9:09 p.m. Final vote tallies were presented at approximately 10 p.m.

In the race for Assessor, Brian Cronin soundly defeated Richard Larson, taking 67 percent of the vote. The contest for Board of Health ended with Laura Richards defeating Cindy Christiansen, 1,237 votes to 684, giving Richards 64 percent of the vote.

The race for Trustees of the Public Library saw incumbent Kristine Hodlin (1,349 votes), John Folcarelli (1,295) and incumbent Frank Schroth (1,210) were elected to the three available seats.

In the race for the Planning Board, Bryan Furze won with 1,123 votes (49 percent), followed by John Sheldon Jr. with 890 votes and Michael Hale with 272 votes.

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