Familiar sites a feature of Milton-based documentary

The First Parish Church in Milton will be one of several local highlights featured in a documentary under production by Tom Fahey and Brian Kelley about life in Milton during the pandemic.

(Photo by Barry Nelson)

The trailer to the film begins with the Rev. Lisa Ward ringing the bell in the steeple of First Parish Church. It was near the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis when anxiety and confusion were at their highest.

The Milton filmmakers, photographer Tom Fahey and local television host Brian Kelley, chose to set the scene that way because the bell is old enough to have been rung when the area’s first pandemic of the Spanish flu struck in 1918.

The film, a documentary, tells the story of how the community of Milton responded to the unprecedented public health crisis set in the midst of a focus on greater racial equality.

“It takes place in Milton, but the story could fit any community like ours. It shows a microcosm of the country,” said Kelley, who is the host of “Talk of the Town” on Milton Cable Access Television.

In April, he was approached to assist in the documentary by Fahey, an experienced television photographer who had an idea to provide a closeup of a time in history like none other he had seen.

Fahey has decades of experience creating film for national and international media organizations, including “60 Minutes” and ESPN.

“In my equipment lockup, I have the very same production tools (cameras, lights, audio) that I use to help producers create the very programs I’ve worked on for the past 30 years,” he said.

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