MHS graduation

In the midst of an international pandemic and protests for racial equality, 231 seniors at Milton High School (MHS) received their diplomas on June 7 in the first drive-through ceremony in the school’s history.

The horn honking and festivities continued for nearly three hours as vehicles decked out with red and white decorations carried the graduates with their family members and friends.

The line of vehicles stretched the length of Gile Road from Blue Hills Parkway to the front of MHS, where students got out and received their diplomas one by one from Principal James Jette.

Milton Public Schools teachers and staff lined the roadway cheering on students, some of whom they taught in kindergarten.

Some parents said they preferred the rolling ceremony to sitting in a hot venue for hours.

Senior Samantha Baum said her family coordinated with that of her best friend, Simone Elfer, to have their cars one after the other.

“There is no way I was not going to see her graduate,” said Baum, and nodding to her dog in the back seat, she added, “Plus, I get to bring Olaf.”

Senior Sherika Casseus said the drive through was better than an online graduation.

“It’s actually really sweet,” Casseus said.

MHS teacher Stephen Collyer said, “It’s great energy. You really get to see the students’ personalities.”

He said that it has been two months since he’s seen his students in English class and the weight room which he manages.

“You remember the energy that they bring to the building. This is cool,” said Collyer as horns honked around him and a variety of music pumped from cars.

(Much more appears in the Milton Times issue of June 11 in print and in the e-edition.)

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