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Town Meeting from an earlier session.

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A “less than superlative” financial situation faces Town Meeting voters who will be asked on May 6 to decide the fate of 39 mostly budgetary articles including a $111 million budget.

The warrant for the annual Town Meeting was freshly back from the printer April 17 and is expected to be delivered to each home soon. Copies are available at Town Hall as well.

The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at Milton High School. If needed, add

itional sessions will be held on May 9, 13, 14, and 16.

The budget process for both schools and town operations was brought about with some pain as negotiations cut about $3 million in requests that had to be made to bring the budget into balance.

Warrant Committee Chair George Ashur, in his warrant report, said that despite a Proposition 2 ½  override approved two years ago, the anticipated revenues “appears to be inadequate for the ongoing needs to maintain government provided services at the level to which our residents have been accustomed.”

“While the financial situation is not dire, it is less than superlative,” he wrote.

The report called for harnessing the “runaway employee health insurance costs” that have grown about 16 percent this year for current and retired employees.

A second area to be explored is accelerated discussions with tax exempt nonprofit organizations in town to participate in a “fair and equitable” payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program, the report said.


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