MCAPC turns 5

Cake donated to the MSAPC by BID-Milton Hospital.

As the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (MSAPC) turns five this month, the group is celebrating its successes and revealing its latest data that shows this town of tree-lined streets is still faced with marijuana and alcohol use among teenagers that remains above national averages.

The most recent statistics, set to be released Jan. 30, also shows improvement but remain high enough to shock and motivate residents to continue to address the problems, MSAPC Director Laurie Stillman said.

Despite the challenges, the group has brought forth a host of programs addressing the problem and is changing attitudes as well, she said.

The community assessment shows that while the rates for underage drinking and marijuana use remain above national averages, “the rates of underage drinking and marijuana use substantially decreased” since 2014, Stillman declared in the report.

“We’re making a big difference,” she said.

Stillman said the group pulls together the key players in the community who are addressing the issues, particularly focused on prevention among youth.

The MSAPC is also slated to receive the 2019 Chairman’s Award from the national Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America in recognition of its “work in demonstrating outstanding knowledge, understanding, and application of the information taught at the National Coalition Academy, leading to positive outcomes within their community.”

(For the rest of the story, see the Milton Times issue of Jan. 30. A related story will be published Feb. 13.)

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