Keeping it local, keeping it real – Forget the sleepy summer of 2018 in Milton. Keeping track of all that is going on in Milton at this point in time takes work and dedication. This is where the staff of the Milton Times works hard each day and week to make being in the know easier. We work for the benefit of residents. We work to let town officials and leaders know that the decisions they make affect the lives of all who live, work, study and play here. From forums to discuss solutions to overcrowding at the town’s four elementary schools — which could mean financing a fifth elementary school — to monitoring mixed-use development in densely settled neighborhoods, this local newspaper presents all sides of these issues. Our readers deserve no less. Elected and appointed town leaders need to know how residents feel about changes to Milton’s economic landscape.

While we focus on all-things Milton, the news staff also keeps an eye on regional, national and international developments that could impact what we cover in town.

It takes courage to do so. Not all residents in one Milton neighborhood may agree with the outcome of a decision made by elected board members who live elsewhere in town. Regardless, we report it all so that one side of the town can understand, perhaps empathize, with the concerns of residents and businesses across this 27,300-plus populated municipality.

We look forward to continuing to do so for many years. We are not, certainly, as one well-known man in the nation’s capital states, “the enemy of the people.”

Communities large and small function best when democracy is allowed to flourish with a free press. A free press where people can read what we believe they need to know even if they might not be so convinced. A free press where residents can share their views via letters to the editor.

Today, in the spirit of editorial cooperation among nearly 200 publications across the country, the Milton Times insists on the need for press freedom.

To help us in this mission, subscribe to your local newspaper. If you are visiting Milton or southeastern Massachusetts for the summer, consider subscribing to your local newspaper when you return home. In the end, the reward will be yours. As Sir Francis Bacon is quoted, “knowledge is power.”

– Lisa D. Connell


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