A COVID-19 snapshot in Milton

This chart shows COVID-19 cases in Milton from March through September.

Milton Health Director Caroline Kinsella said that the number of cases in Milton is about 393, and there have been 25 deaths due to the disease.

(Chart curated by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

While most people would agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has made life a little harder, for some in Milton it’s been deadly.

In Milton, at least 25 people have died from contracting the disease since March.

About six additional lives have been lost as local mental health related calls have risen by about 10 percent overall.

Local domestic violence cases have steadily increased as well with the numbers of people seeking help and support from DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended) in Quincy increasing month over month since June.

Milton Police Chief John King has detected a troubling trend.

In a time period when all other police calls for service have decreased, the numbers of calls reporting overdoses, suicidal persons, mental health issues, and domestic violence are up by about 10 percent.

“It’s a significant concern,” said King at a recent meeting of the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (MSAPC). “I think you can see a trend. We’re down in every category across the board, except for four: overdoses, mental health, suicidal persons, and domestic violence.”

King cautioned that the increases aren’t huge and the data from this short period of time is inconclusive since the incidents are often not spread evenly over a year.

He said the incidents to which Milton Police responded have included three suicides and one fatal drug overdose.

Three additional fatal drug overdoses took place on state land and technically can’t be counted as Milton deaths, King said.

He said that comparing the data from March through August with that of the past couple of years shows:

Overdoses are up 9% with a total 10 overdoses to date.

Mental health calls show a 10% increase with 62 incidents.

Suicidal persons also show a 10% increase with a total number of 10. Three of those resulted in deaths, and all of those who died had known prior mental health issues.

Domestic violence calls have grown by 2% with 101 cases reported.

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