Aerial view of Central fire

Several residents who live in the Town Center neighborhood were relieved May 14 to hear that the park area next to the current Central Fire Station is not being targeted as the location for the new fire headquarters building and the fire engines will continue to exit via doors facing Canton  Avenue.

The comments came as about a dozen residents gathered for the first of several public meetings that have been planned by the Fire Station Building Committee (FSBC).

The committee is hoping to present plans for a major overhaul of the town’s three stations at both the fall Special Town Meeting and the annual Town Meeting in the spring of 2020.

The next community meeting is scheduled for May 23 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Milton Council on Aging.

Jeff Shaw represents Context Architecture, the company chosen to design the major improvements to the headquarters station that is also called the Central Fire Station.

The project, which also includes major improvements at the town’s two other fire stations, is being managed by Alicia Monks of Daedalus Projects, Inc., which was picked as the owner’s project manager.

The committee is seeking input now when adjustments are more easily made and before it moves into the schematic design phase.

“Always assume that we won’t know it unless you tell us,” Shaw said.

Standing in front of an aerial photo of the area around the fire station, he pointed to the area where a basketball court and open area with large trees are situated and said, “We’re kind of keeping this off limits.”

Shaw said he understood that the park is an amenity that the town wants to preserve and added that incorporating a buffer area for neighborhood residents is standard practice when locating a fire station.

FSBC Vice Chair Daniel Clark reassured residents that the building will not be put in the area near the basketball courts but said that plans are not far enough along to ensure that all of the green area will remain completely unchanged.

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