Central Ave parking map

Plans for a more business-friendly parking plan for the Central Avenue business district are underway.

The town’s Planning and Police Departments are working with the Traffic Commission on a pilot program.

Lt. Mark Alba, who handles traffic for the Milton Police Department and serves on the Traffic Commission, said the goal is signage that makes sense and is clear and readily enforceable.

The area “cries out for some sort of unification,” he said.

Speaking at a recent Traffic Commission meeting, Town Planner Tim Czerwienski said that the goal of parking districts like the one at Central Avenue is to see parking spaces turn over and the town is seeking input from business owners and residents on how the final plan should look.

Assistant Town Planner Josh Lee said that the district includes roughly 165 parking spaces and the plan includes making most spaces uniformly one-hour or two-hour parking.

The proposed changes are as follows:

  • All parking spaces in this study area along Central Avenue will be converted from 15-minute, 30-minute and two-hour parking spots to one-hour parking spots.

  • 10 spaces on Brook Hill Road will be converted from service zone to two-hour parking.

  • A dedicated loading zone will be instituted between Brook Hill and Morton Roads. If there are certain times of the day when those spaces are not for loading, they should be signed for one-hour parking.

  • 15-minute parking on Eliot Street at Adams (at 2 Eliot St), will be converted to two-hour to match the rest of the regulations on Eliot. 

Some service zone parking will be moved further away from the businesses on Central Avenue and those on Adams Street, and Czerwienski said the number of service zone parking spaces that are needed should be clarified.

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