A plan to improve Milton's traffic takes shape

Traffic Mitigation Committee Chair Jeff Mullan, foreground, reviews the panel’s findings to the Select Board. With Mullan are committee members Dick Burke, left, Mark Alba and Tracy Dyke-Redmond.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

Residents are invited to comment on the Traffic Mitigation Committee’s draft report that offers a wide range of recommendations and gives Milton a “roadmap” going forward on dealing with increasing traffic congestion and safety issues in town.

The special appointed committee’s findings and recommendations from its one-year study will be posted until Feb. 28 at the town’s website at www.townofmilton.org.

In March, the Select Board is due to review and begin considering the final report and its recommendations which include hiring a traffic engineer, setting up working groups for problem areas, and moving toward adopting a safety first community program called Vision Zero.

“This is going to be a living, breathing document,” said Town Administrator Mike Dennehy, who served on the committee.

In presenting the draft report to the Select Board on Jan. 22, Traffic Mitigation Chair Jeff Mullan said the committee began with an assessment and documentation of the obvious issues of congestion and safety that have reached “a tipping point” in Milton and the region.

“Milton has a traffic congestion problem at peak times of every day. We have congestion and it is impacting the quality of life in the town,” said Mullan. “It’s not the same old traffic that people have been complaining about for decades. It is largely driven by the fact that our regional transportation and highway system is failing.”

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