Milton Village

Adams Street in Milton Village

After three years of study, the Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) on Sept. 23 formally turned over its proposal for a major zoning change for Milton Village to the Planning Board.

MPIC Chair Cheryl Tougias outlined the committee’s recommendations to allow a mix of businesses and residential units designed to stir revitalization in the area.

Although few questions surfaced from among the roughly 50 people who attended the presentation,  previous meetings with residents have brought forward vigorous concerns about density, parking, and traffic.

“We’ve completed our work,” said Tougais, who also chairs the Planning Board.

She said that Milton Village “as a social space could be stronger. It lacks vitality.” 

Tougias said the Planning Board will analyse the proposed mixed-use overlay district and continue to hold public hearings and seek community input. 

Changes to the zoning code require two-thirds majority approval from Town Meeting voters.

The goal of the mixed-use overlay district is to enhance the character of the district and invite investment and economic development. 

It also strives to preserve historic buildings and increase the range and types of housing, according to the report.

“In order to do these things, you need to invite investment into those existing properties,” Tougias said. “It will allow you to preserve history. It will also strengthen our tax base.”

The current zoning was adopted in 1938 when most of the Milton Village was already built. It does not allow multi-family housing and has no provision for affordable housing and no design standards.

(For the rest of the story see the Milton Times issue of Oct. 10 in print or in the e-edition.)

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