School administrators monitor any COVID-19 outbreaks

Superintendent of Schools James Jette said the town will be constantly monitoring COVID-19 cases within the community and following the metrics set forth by the state and the town, after an alleged evening party where a number of area teens may have gathered Sept. 24.

Jette added that the Milton Public Schools have a COVID Metrics Advisory Team that will be meeting regularly.

School officials are continuing to seek information on a report that a large group of teenagers allegedly gathered for a party on the edge of Presidents Golf Course in Milton on Friday night, an event that could have put in jeopardy the plan that allows students to attend Milton High School part time.

The report, which was circulating on Facebook and published by several news organizations, could not be confirmed by police in either Milton or Quincy.

The School Committee and School Superintendent James Jette issued a letter to the community on Sept. 27, stating that while the details of the reported gathering were not yet substantiated, the report is “upsetting to us.”

“Although there is no definitive evidence that the gathering was initiated by Milton High School students or how many of them were actually in attendance, we are asking all parents, guardians, and teens in Milton and our bordering communities to take this pandemic seriously,” the letter said. (The letter is posted on

The letter further declared that this type of behavior could jeopardize the current learning program that allows many students to return to in-school learning on a part time basis.

“This is a multi-community effort that requires all of us to continue stepping up, making sacrifices, and staying safe,” it read.

Jette and town officials raised the possibility that initial reports of the gathering near the Quincy line may have been exaggerated.

Town Administrator Mike Dennehy said the news of some school districts having to roll back school openings due to large teen parties has brought a heightened awareness and concern among residents, but added, “There’s so many missing facts on this whole thing.”

Quincy Police Public Information Officer Karyn L. Barkas said there were no reports to Quincy police about either a large party or a noisy gathering in that area Friday night.

Milton Police Deputy Chief Jim O’Neil said that his officers did not receive any calls either on a large gathering outside or a disturbance.

“I’m not saying there wasn’t something in the woods. I am saying the Milton police didn’t receive a call,” he said. “I understand that things get on social media and they take off sometimes.”

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