Route 138 plans draws crowd

About 150 residents of Milton and Canton turned out at a public meeting Oct. 22 about the state’s preliminary plans for a major revamp of nine miles of Route 138 as it cuts through the two towns.

Officials from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation briefed residents gathered at Fuller Village about MassDOT’s initial response to a study of the state roadway that includes the need for significant safety improvements at most intersections, cites a high number of property damage accidents at several intersections, and calls the roadway “unfriendly” for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The initial plan calls for the construction of improved sidewalks and a new shared path for pedestrians and bicyclists that would run most of the nine miles of the state highway. 

It includes the areas around the Blue Hills Reservation and near several schools in the Milton section of the roadway that is also Blue Hill Avenue and Canton Avenue in some areas.

The proposed plans also call for an extension of two lanes at Royall Street in Canton northward to a park and ride lot to make it easier for vehicles to merge into one lane.

Among the state officials leading the presentation, Michael Trepanier, a senior project manager for MassDOT, said that at this stage, the state is in the process of evaluating “priorities and needs” for the corridor.

He said that community input is essential and the next steps will be to arrive at a concept, find out how much it costs, and create and implement a plan.

The state has already begun a repaving project in the area, but any major action on the proposal would not likely begin until 2023.

More on this story can be found in the Milton Times issue of Oct. 31 in print and in the e-edition.

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