Glenn Pavlicek, assistant school superintendent for business, listens as School Superintendent Mary Gormley addresses the school committee.

With enrollments at the start of school hitting a record and creeping up toward 4,500 students, Milton district administrators said the pinch of additional enrollments is being felt at playgrounds, parking lots, transportation, after-school care, and inside the buildings of the Milton Public Schools.

“As of today,we have 4,452 students in-district grades preK-12, up from 4,300 at the end of last year,” Assistant Superintendent Glenn Pavlicek confirmed in an email on Aug. 29, just two days into the school year.

Pavlicek told the School Committee on Aug. 21 that the number of students enrolling was continuing to climb and the situation would likely continue through the first few weeks of school.

“We are becoming more and more popular,” he said.

As of Aug. 21, Pavlicek said that a kindergarten class – the district’s 17th – that was added at Tucker Elementary School still had some open spaces, as did the Glover Elementary School, but as enrollments climbed to 371 kindergarteners, the Cunningham Elementary School and Collicot Elementary schools could not take any additional kindergarten students.

“We’re still picking up students in the upper elementary grades as well,” Pavlicek said.

Meanwhile, the waiting list of students entering first grade who requested seats in the district’s popular French immersion program had dwindled from 29 to seven, and Pavlicek said some students may have moved.

The district’s practice of requiring parents of rising sixth and ninth-graders to prove residency was begun earlier this year, and has been “very successful,” and only a few remaining issues remained as of Aug. 21, said Pavlicek.

Getting to and from school will still be a challenge for about 70 students who have requested a bus pass but not received one.

(More on this story can be found in the Milton Times issue of Sept. 5 in print and in the e-edition.)

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