Cunningham and Collicot

To some neighbors, the wooded strip of land is the perfect buffer from the school complex that houses about 1,300 Cunningham and Collicot elementary school students. 

To a group of parents, the property would be a good addition to a too-small playground area that the two schools share.

The two sides recently were at odds over that strip of land as they met during what was called a “listening session” on June 3. 

In the end, it may be up to the School Committee and its Facilities Advisory Subcommittee to decide which side gets its way.

“We have a major recess issue at the two schools,” said Deb Lynch, a member of the Cunningham Elementary School PTO.

She said that roughly 200 to 250 students at a time use a small asphalt area behind the school during lunch periods. 

The lot that was built for about 100 students is supervised by two or three playground monitors.

“It’s so crowded that some kids are getting hurt, and some kids are really not sure what to do with themselves,” Lynch said.

Lynch, along with Christina Lange, a Collicot Elementary School PTO member, are spearheading an effort they are calling the Cunningham & Collicot (C&C) Green Space Project that seeks to clear the trees from land behind a teacher’s parking area to create additional playspace. 

The parcel is about one-quarter of an acre and the finished area would measure about 60 by 150 feet, Lynch said.

However, neighbors including McKinnon Avenue residents Mark McGillivray and Mike Keating say the construction will permanently eliminate a much-needed buffer of mature woods. Those woods house birds, rabbits, and other wildlife.

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