Water Sewer Rates Chart

The average family of four in Milton will pay an additional $40 for water and sewer service to their home next year under rates unanimously approved by the Select Board recently with member Richard Wells not present. 

The town has devised a four Tier system that allows very low water users who often have income restrictions to be billed at a lower rate.

The increase for those extremely low users came in at about $5.75 more a year, an increase of about 1.8 percent.

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) average user of a family of four will pay about $38.60 a year or a roughly 1.6 percent increase. 

The highest volume users on average will also see a 1.6 percent increase. 

The annual water and sewer rate increases are set to generate income that equals the costs associated with providing the services to Milton households, according to Chase Berkeley, the town’s Director of Public Works, who explained that about 50 percent of the town’s water costs come from assessments by the MWRA, as do about 75 percent of sewer costs.

Berkeley said the MWRA is a “hot topic” now as many neighboring communities are facing water conservation measures as the area remains in a severe drought.

“We are very fortunate to be on the MWRA system and not have any restrictions on our water use. There’s a bit of a premium to be an MWRA customer, but along with that comes a very reliable and plentiful system,” Berkeley said. 

He explained that although MWRA rates went up 3.1 percent, the rate was able to go up less because it uses an average of rates from recent years in its calculations.

The town uses Woodard and Curran, a consulting firm, to help arrive at recommendations for the rate increase.

James Aiken, an analyst for Woodard and Curran, said the recommended rate increase is 2.5 percent on water rates and 1.1 percent on sewer rates. 

The water rates also included a small personnel cost and the sewer rates factored in a small increase in repaying debt.

Water use overall decreased by about 10 percent between 2021 and 2022, said Aiken, adding that the average is taken from the past three years.


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