Town meeting

Warrant Committee Chair George Ashur

Town Meeting members will hold a virtual meeting on Feb. 22 to take up a short list of articles that would allow Milton to set up a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and undertake a $32.2 million revamp of the town’s three dilapidated fire stations.

Although the price tag for the three stations has been set at $32.2 million, Milton would take advantage of a home rule petition that would allow the project to go out to bond without an additional increase in property taxes or through the passage of a capital expense override to Proposition 2½.

For the funding to work, however, the Fire Station Building Committee (FSBC) presented a scenario in which the project received an amount of Community Preservation Funds in the future, as well as an appropriation of about $405,000, which was earlier set aside for fire station projects in a capital improvement stabilization fund.

Article 1, which will be heard at this month’s special Town Meeting, would set up a CPC.

Milton adopted the Community Preservation Act in November that implemented a 1 percent surcharge on all property taxes, which, when combined with state matching money, can be used to fund public projects relating to historic preservation, open space, and affordable housing.

Proponents said it could provide around $880,000 in funds for the projects.

The CPC would have nine voting members that would represent a variety of interests. According to state law, the Conservation Commission, the Historical Commission, the Planning Board, the Housing Authority, and the Parks Commissioners would each select one member for a three-year term.

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