Ben Doak and friends

Ben Doak, seated, is surrounded by his friends at their lemonade stand. They collected the money for the Perthes Kids Foundation on behalf of Doak. 

After six weeks in a wheelchair with both legs propped up in casts, Benjamin Doak was ready for more surgery and his teammates from Milton American Baseball had his back.

The group’s boys, most of them 10-year-olds and Collicot Elementary School kids like Ben, had gathered to see him off and hold a lemonade stand to raise some money for the Perthes Kids Foundation.

The foundation aims to help children with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which sidelined Ben for the spring season.

This rare disease that attacks the femoral head of the hip joint typically requires at least one surgery.

The boys took turns on July 26 standing at the end of Brook Road with signs and encouraging drivers to stop in for a little bit of refreshment on a scorching summer day.

Others, dressed in T-shirts and baseball caps, were standing behind bright balloons and asking customers which kind of lemonade they wanted and stuffing the money into a jar.

“We’re squeezing this time,” said Ben’s mom Alison Doak, adding that parents provided all the supplies but “the boys are doing all the rest.”

Ben missed the last week of school to have “core decompression” surgery. He will next travel to Sinai Hospital of Baltimore for a second surgery called a hip distraction that includes the attachment of an external fixator device that will allow him to walk while the healing continues. Complete recovery is often possible.

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