Milton Yacht Club

After more than 100 years of launching and storing boats on Milton’s small sliver of a waterfront, the Milton Yacht Club is now facing sticker shock as it bids for its right to remain at Milton Landing.

The club, which dubs itself a “workingman’s yacht club,” is one of three interested parties which pulled bid books to lease property and the quaint but dilapidated brick building on it that was first built in 1884 as a jail.

The Milton Yacht Club that has been the building’s tenant for 107 years submitted the only bid on Jan. 6, according to Town Administrator Mike Dennehy.

“We would really like to maintain this tradition,” said Richard Dumais, an officer of the Milton Yacht Club. “It would be a sad day. This is a working man’s club. I’d hate to see the town lose it.”

He explained that club members are hoping to get the numbers to add up so they can meet the minimum bid listed of $25,000 a year. 

The club has been a tenant-at-will since its lease expired several years ago. 

In addition to what members called a “steep hike,” the lease will not include a 10,000 square foot section on the landing that was previously part of it. 

The club currently pays $14,000 a year and relies on income from boat storage on the additional parcel, members said.

The club’s bid submitted  on Jan. 6 includes about $61,550 in in-kind contributions in labor and equipment costs for maintaining the docks, gangways and other areas. It also states that subleases will be sought for local rowing programs. 

At a pre-bid meeting at Town Hall about a dozen people, most from the yacht club, turned out to ask questions of town officials about the bidding process.

The rest of this story can be read in the Jan. 9 issue of the Milton Times in print and online.

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