Fuller Village residents enjoy an educational nature walk

Relaxing outdoors as they tour the Fuller Village landscape and learn about its trees are from left, John and Judy Cobble, Mary Rivers, Betty Tamer, Tom Palmer, Patricia Kelleher, Nancy Kearns.

(Photo by Marty Allen)

On Sept. 12, 14 of the residents here at Fuller Village walked the property with Thomas Palmer, an environmentalist. He is a superb educator who empowered our group to identify characteristics of the trees in order to name them. We observed the bark of the tree, the leaves or pine needles, and any fruit or berries.

Fuller Village began 20 years ago. Prior to this, Howard Johnson, the "host of the highway," resided here with two of his children. Johnson purchased the property in 1939 from the Hallowell family.

Johnson's fourth wife refused to live on property at Brush Hill, so he bought and refurbished a beautiful property on Metropolitan Avenue.

We have 60 acres of beautiful property to walk during this pandemic. I thought of this project to enable us to learn about our environment as we spend time outdoors.

Sara Moyer has been a wonderful assistant in joining me in labeling the trees on the property. Every tree on the property has a numbered tag. Erica Max from the Wakefield Estate has also been assisting and educating us in this endeavor.

We hope to ask photographers from our residence to take photos of these majestic trees. We will then formulate facts on the trees.

Looking forward, our goal will be to make booklets for the residents with this information. The booklets will be a guide as they walk and learn about their magnificent environment.

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