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At left a wire sculpture by Peter Berman. At right a painting by Tom Maholchic.

(Editor's note: The library is closed for the time being. We will update our readers when we know when this exhibit may be seen.)

This March, the Milton Public Library’s Wotiz Gallery is providing a junction for two artists with unconnected genres: painter Tom Maholchic and sculptor Peter Berman.

Maholchic had an early introduction to art.

“I became interested in art at a very young age,” he says. “My father used to paint and draw when I was young, so that must have played a role. I took classes throughout grammar school, just generic stuff. I didn’t take any art classes in college.”

Berman’s mother hired a person who would teach him one hour a week.

“It started out when I was a kid,” he says. “I would go to her house and she would teach me and one of my friends different styles of art. Later she ended up working at a school and we would go to that school after elementary school. The first thing that got me into it was drawing, pencils, markers, that sort of thing. The first time I recall making a sculpture was through that art tutor. I took sculpture at Milton High and a couple of classes in college.”

Both artists grew up in Milton, which is remarkable in itself considering the synchronized exhibition.

For more information and to contact Tom Maholchic, visit instagram: @tom.maholchic.art; or email tom.maholchic.art@gmail.com. To see more of Peter Berman’s art, go to instagram: @peterbermanart or email PeterBermanArt@gmail.com.

For the full story read the Milton Times issue of March 19 in print or online.

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