A mother's pain, a family's loss

Nancy Jesson, the mother of Michael Jesson.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

It was a combination of bullying and fentanyl that ended Nancy Jesson’s illusion that her 25-year-old son Michael was safe after five years of having his addiction under control.

On Oct. 9, it will be two years since Michael’s father, Bob Jesson, broke down the door to his third floor bedroom and found his son, who had died of an unintentional overdose.

“It’s just still so unbelievable to me,” Nancy said in a recent interview. “It’s a different life now. A whole piece of me is gone forever.”

Nancy said she wanted to share her story to let people have the chance to open up more about addiction and help people realize how easy it is for someone to try a drug, even just one time, and end up dead.

Nancy said she had been convinced that her son’s drug problem, which began when he was a student at Milton High School, was under control, so she had been worrying less about him.

However, while Michael was taking classes to enter the trades, Nancy said he encountered bullying and was troubled by it.

Michael then again sought refuge in drugs. He died from carfentanil and fentanyl poisoning.

“I thought he was out of the woods,” Nancy said.

It was just two weeks after her son died that Nancy decided at the last minute to throw on an old Celtics T-shirt and run in the first Mike’s 5K to Crush Substance Abuse.

The race is run in honor of another Milton resident, Mike Mulcahy, who died of an overdose in December 2016.

At the race, Nancy said she received overwhelming support from people and was introduced to Dianne Mulcahy, the other Michael’s mom. She has become a fast friend and a real supporter.

“When I’m crying like this, she’ll say, ‘Just think of all the good we’re doing,’” Nancy said as she dabbed her eyes.

Last year, the race was dedicated to Michael Jesson, and friends and family wore matching shirts Nancy made up.

This year, Nancy will be sidelined from running due to foot surgery but will still be at the Cunningham/Collicot school campus selling raffle tickets.

Those interested in running or walking in the race that will be held on Oct. 19 can register online at mikes5k.racewire.com. Donations may be made at fundraise.com by searching for Mike’s 5k.

This year, the money raised will go toward a variety of causes including the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (MSAPC).

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