Time Lapse Video: the Abby Park Mural

Milton, MA – The Abby Park restaurant recently commissioned local artists Vincent Crotty and Sue Hoy to paint a mural on its exterior brick wall. (An article appears in the June 26, 2014, edition of the Milton Times, “Abby Park mural adds abidance to East Milton scene.”) This video is a time lapse of photos taken by Hoy during the process. Both artists have had their work displayed in the restaurant as well as at other local establishments and exhibitions.

Abby Park is hosting a “Meet the Artists” reception on Thursday, July 10, from 6-8 p.m. with complimentary hors d’oeuvres.

Both artists weighed in on the project:

“We painted it to have the sun be just about at noontime. We wanted to have a good cross-section of people represented who might come eat at Abby Park.”

“Vincent has been a pleasure to work with. He’s an incredibly talented artist, and I’ve really enjoyed it. This is my first mural, but he has done a number of them.”

-Sue Hoy

“I am very happy to have been asked to collaborate with Sue on this project. My first meeting with Vance Welch [owner of Abby Park] was when he invited me to exhibit at Java Joe’s. That was in 1993. I was glad that our plan to not entirely paint over the brick worked out. It was great to see it come together bit by bit and adding strong diagonal shadows really helped it to feel like there was strong sunshine. Sue Hoy’s easygoing, can-do energy was great to be around!

“I started painting murals in my home town of Kanturk, County Cork, [Ireland] when I was 16 years old. When I emigrated to the U.S.A. I got a few murals to do in Dorchester and also downtown in the Back Bay area. I like large scale work.”

-Vincent Crotty


The painting took three weeks and was completed on June 19, 2014. Crotty and Hoy also designed the mural over the course of the previous year.

The photos were taken by Sue Hoy. The video was edited by Tom Pilla of the Milton Times.

The mural is located on Franklin Street at the corner Adams Street.


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