Leading by example

Select Board Chair Michael Zullas, center, addresses the town on an MATV update about COVID-19 along with Town Administrator Michael Dennehy and Health Director Caroline Kinsella.

(Photo courtesy MATV)

The eighth case of the coronavirus in Milton was announced on March 23, and among those is a Milton High School student. As town officials continued to work to address the issue, Town Health Director Caroline Kinsella told residents to expect the number of cases to rise and urged them to be vigilant about taking preventative measures.

“In this crisis, we all have a role,” Select Board Chair Mike Zullas said in a Town of Milton update that was broadcast on Milton Cable Access Television. “We all know what to do — hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing — so let’s do it. Let’s meet this challenge together.”

The Select Board held an emergency meeting on March 20 with the Board of Health and the Parks Commissioners.

The groups enacted the following measures:

A local state of emergency that will allow the town to have easier access to federal relief if it becomes available. The emergency period is retroactive to March 13, the first day Milton started closing town buildings.

A ban on the operation of personal care facilities including gyms, health clubs, and yoga studios, through at least April 5. The ban also includes hair stylists, barbershops, and other non-medical services.

Restrictions on public parks and gathering places that would allow only passive recreation in light of federal and state orders limiting large gatherings of people.

The town will be adding signs at its parks and outdoor gathering places noting the order and is considering other ways of educating residents, including through electronic message boards, email lists, and possible robo calls.

The desire to impose additional measures was motivated by what some see as a lack of common sense in complying with social distancing guidelines that call for people to remain six feet apart and from large groups of kids that were seen gathering at Kelly Field.

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