Katie Conlon

Katie Conlon

The Milton Select Board has backed a letter urging the area congressional delegation to “consider the wisdom” of permitting supersonic aircraft that create loud sonic booms to again fly over the United States.

Speaking in Paris earlier this summer, the acting director of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that he would begin looking at the regulations that govern supersonic transport in light of increasing interest from airplane manufacturers who expect that “renewed interest in the development of supersonic aircraft will lead to increased requests to authorize flights in excess of Mach 1.”

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concerned about what the FAA described in the Notice as ‘renewed industry interest in developing new civil supersonic aircraft.’”

Select Board member Katie Conlon was one of the authors of the letter with the support of the Airplane Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC). 

She noted that since the current rules were adopted about four decades ago, the number of airlines has increased when the larger and louder jets are in operation and the volume of flights has increased.

Conlon said the matter was brought to the attention of the committee by Andy Schmidt, chair of the ANAC.

The letter reads, “Perhaps most significantly, in recent years, the FAA has implemented NextGen precision-based navigation, causing a concentration of flight paths at airports around the country.”

“NextGen has produced inequitable, unbearable, and dangerous results for some neighborhoods, placing hundreds of loud, low-flying planes a day over the same people, disrupting sleep, creating anxiety, and increasing health risks for people exposed to concentrated airplane noise and pollution,” stated the letter  dated Aug. 21. 

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