One of three 40B proposed sites

This site at 582 Blue Hill Ave. in Milton is the address of a 40B development proposal, that if approved by state officials, would include 120 apartments and 180 parking spaces on the nearly four-acre parcel.

(Photo by Elaine Cushman Carroll)

Three new 40B developments that could create 363 new apartment units in Milton if all proposals come to fruition came before the town in one week’s time.

The three developments, two of which were announced at the Feb. 12 Select Board meeting and again mentioned during the Feb. 13 Planning Board meeting, are:

Residences at East Milton, a 111-unit apartment building that would include 2-24 Franklin St., 19-25 Bassett St., and 522 Adams Court. The plans call for a five- or six-story building on the site and includes 130 parking spaces. It is being proposed by the current owner of the properties, the Falconi Companies, in conjunction with the Joseph J. Corcoran Co.

The large home at 648 Canton Ave. would be demolished by its owners, who would then construct 132 apartments and about 200 parking spaces on the 4.7-acre parcel that is made up of five separate parcels. Comprehensive Land Holdings bought the property from the family of comedian and author Jenny Slate.

Comprehensive Land Holdings, whose principals include members of the Tamposi family, is also the parent company for a 40B development proposed for 582 Blue Hill Ave. The development would include 120 apartments and 180 parking spaces on the nearly four-acre parcel.

“It feels like a lot of forced change all at once. We’re trying to get our heads around it,” Assistant Town Planner Allyson Quinn said after the public meetings.

Town officials are reviewing two additional 40B developments for condominiums, one potentially named the Ice House, calls for the construction of 60 units on Blue Hills Parkway. Its possible name of the Ice House stems from a former ice harvesting operation at the site decades ago. The Ice House application for site applicability is pending before MassHousing, the agency that will determine whether the site is suitable. The Select Board has filed its response to that application.

The other 40B proposal is the Randolph Avenue development for 90 condos that would be built just south of the town’s Department of Public Works garage. That development has been contested by the town and the case is currently pending in state Land Court.

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