Adams/Squantum intersection update planned

Two-way traffic along Adams Street, on which these cars travel, makes it difficult for cars coming from where Squantum Street meets Adams Street, to travel.

(Photo by Lisa D. Connell)

The initial plans that include the installation of a full traffic signal at the intersection of Adams and Squantum streets in East Milton were presented to the Select Board during its Dec. 2 meeting.

Greg Lucas, senior associate of the BETA Group engineers, told the board that the 25 percent design was submitted for review to the state Department of Transportation (MassDOT) on Nov. 20.

BETA was hired by the town in May 2019 to address the dangerous intersection and the area around it.

The project runs on Adams Street from the intersection with Reservation Road to where Adams intersects with Brook Road.

It includes new sidewalks, a bicycle path for much of the route, and traffic signals that can be synchronized with those currently being installed as part of the East Milton deck project, according to plans presented on Dec. 2.

Lucas said that seeking funding for the project is among the steps still ahead.

If all goes well, the construction could begin in two years, he said.

Lucas said that once MassDOT review has been granted, the project will be brought before the public in a hearing that would likely be set for sometime in mid-2021.

(Editor's note: Learn more about plans to change one of the town's problematic intersections where taking a left-hand turn endangers a driver's life. Subscribe at or call 617-696-7758.)

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