Town Election on April 30 will see voters decide whether the Town Treasurer/Collector position should be switched from an elected to an appointed position. While there are contested races in eight of the 10 town meeting precincts, all town-wide candidates are running unopposed.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Town Treasurer/Collector James McAuliffe, who is seeking re-election this year unopposed, is against the referendum question that would make his position an appointed one.

That referendum question has the support of the Select Board and the Town Government Study Committee and is part of what they consider a strengthening of the town’s fiscal management structure.

Under the switch, his position would become at will in the future report directly to a new position called a chief financial officer (CFO).  

McAuliffe, who has held the post for a decade, said that the switch is unnecessary since the town’s financial position is strong and residents “need an independent voice” in Town Hall.

In the Select Board election, veteran six-year member Katie Conlon and Melinda Collins, who won election last year, are running unopposed.

In an email, Conlon said the two challenges she looks forward to working on are the setting of the annual budgets for town and school operations, and what can be done to improve access to the town’s waterfront area at Milton Landing.

This year, the Board’s new Finance Committee, working closely with the School Committee’s Finance Subcommittee, the Town Administrator and others, also played a key role in resolving the shortfall,” Conlon said.

She said she hopes “that the two finance committees and the management teams will continue the collaborative approach next year”  and she would like to be “part of the team that tackles the Fiscal Year 2021 budget.”

Meanwhile, Collins, who won election a year ago when the board expanded from three to five members, said her two top concerns are the school space needs challenge that has brought about the formation of a school building committee, and the town’s quest to build its own fiber optic network to serve town government, schools and public safety agencies.

More can be found in the Milton Times issue of April 18, 2019.


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