Milton Town Office building

Residents with questions about their home water and sewer rate bill can find answers at the Milton Town Office building at 525 Canton Ave.

(File photo by Lisa D. Connell)

Residents will be seeing a hike of about 6 percent on their combined water and sewer bills starting with their next bill.

The next quarterly bills for many residents will range from an increase of about $4.67 for light users and about $32 for a family of four.

“The goal of setting the water and sewer rates is always to break even,” said Chase Berkeley, director of the town’s Department of Public Works.

He explained that rates need to support the costs of water and sewer service provided to the town through the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and are based on costs from the past several years. This also covers the cost of maintaining the system.

The MWRA costs used in the calculations result in the need for $6.9 million to cover the cost of water and $8.4 million to cover the cost of sewer.

Milton is able to offset about $400,000 a year in water and about $415,000 a year from other sources other than rates.

The Select Board set the new rates on Aug. 21, using the four-tier billing system that has been in place for about a decade. It was tweaked in 2016 to allow some relief for users at Tier 4, the most costly one.

Select Board Chair Mike Zullas said that the town does not have much of an alternative when it comes to setting the rates since they depend on the MWRA.

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