MSAPC people

Caroline Kinsella, public health director, and Laurie Stillman, director of the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition.


Milton Learns


Webinar  Wednesdays

Each webinar is 30 minutes – no registration required

MAY 6, 7PM

Jon Mattleman

Teens, Tweens and Quarantines

A dynamic presentation for parents focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on our children, the issues of loss, independence and privacy, as well as suggestions that parents can implement immediately.

MAY 20, 7PM

Stormy Leung & Mary Cole

Hidden in Plain Sight

An interactive online exhibit will help parents learn about the tricks some kids use to hide illicit drugs and alcohol right under our noses. We will also learn about potential risks associated with smoking or vaping and COVID-19, resources for quitting, and how the tobacco and vaping industries

are targeting our kids with new and emerging vaping and tobacco products.

MAY 13, 7PM

Ivy Watts

There is No Health Without Mental Health

We all need to attend to our own mental health as well as our loved ones,

especially in times like these. Let’s learn about warning signs, self-care techniques and ideas for helping our families deal with stress and uncertainty.

MAY 27, 7PM

Joanne Peterson

Addiction: Prevention and Hope for Recovery

The founder and CEO of Learn to Cope will share what she has learned through her years of helping families who have loved ones struggling with addiction. Potential risky behaviors and warning signs of substance abuse will be explored, as well as what we all can do to support ourselves, our relatives and our neighbors when a family member becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.

 A Free Webinar Series to Support Ourselves and our Families


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