2019 has been a good year for the Milton Farmers Market. A record 27 vendors participated led by our farmers - Ed Silvia Farms, Jim Geoghegan's Sunshine Farm and Judy Lieberman's Twelve Moon Farm. It was a delicious year for corn, tomatoes and peaches particularly. The growing season got off to a slow start in June due to cold temperatures, rain and not enough sunlight. But shortly, the crops caught up and soon the start was hard to remember.

To know the men and women who grow for the Market is to understand their optimistic spirit. They work hard all season. Most are small businesses, including the two farmers who are the fourth generation on their own land.

Among the new products this year were three startups - Mao's Microgreens, Maple and Thyme (granola) and Vyasa Brothers (yogurt pudding). The Milton Public Library was with us for the second year. The MPS Culinary Club was with us for the first time and sold out their cookies ! Our non-profit friends from Sustainable Milton and the Forbes House Museum joined us also.

Two new trees are now growing at Wharf Park. Pin Oak, quercus palustris, that Tom McCarthy and his team from the DPW planted. This was made possible by a generous grant from the Milton Garden Club. The tree can grow 50 - 70 feet tall. It replaces a tree that was taken down a couple years ago.

The bell rings at 1:00 to start the last Market Day.  
See you at the Market.

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