The portion of an ongoing restructuring of the town’s financial system that calls for changing the town treasurer position from an elected to an appointed one will be back before voters at the Town Election on April 30.

Along with the ballot question, voters will also decide contested races for Select Board and Planning Board.

The change in the Town Treasurer position was strongly debated before passing at the Town Meeting last fall, and now needs approval as a referendum since it is seeking to make a change in the town’s charter.

If passed, it would make this year’s election of Town Treasurer/Collector James McAuliffe his last election to the post. Under the switch, his position will in the future report directly to a new position called a chief financial officer (CFO).

If the referendum passes, the town would appoint the next Town Treasurer after the one-year term expires.

McAuliffe said he does not support the question.

“I enjoy working for the taxpayers and would like to remain an elected official,” McAuliffe said. I think you need an independent voice for the taxpayers in Town Hall.”

McAuliffe said that appointed treasurers tend move from town to town for financial gain but elected ones tend to stay until retirement.

“There are a lot of towns currently looking for treasurers, but are having a tough time filling the positions, due to a lack of interest and a good economy,” he said.

McAuliffe, who has been treasurer for a decade, said that in a tight budget year, it doesn’t make sense to spend $150,000 position for the new CFO position since the town already has a AAA bond rating.

Members of the Town Government Study Committee (TGSC) that drafted the article after extensive research said the town’s financial management structure needs changes to keep up with the growth and complexities of budgets and forecasting. Over the past two decades, the town budget has grown from $47 million to over $100 million.

In the Select Board race, three candidates are competing for two seats on the board. Incumbents Melinda Collins and Katie Conlon are both seeking re-election. Cindy Christiansen, a longtime activist in the Airplane Noise Advisory Committee, has also declared her intent to run.

In the Planning Board race, incumbent Bryan Furze, who earlier said he would run, has decided not to seek re-election citing the need to balance spending more time with his young son, and the pressures of traveling for work.

Seeking Furze’s seat, are Michael Kelly, a former Planning Board member; Jason Benzaken, a political newcomer in Milton; and Kathleen O’Donnell, a member of the Board of Appeals, who is a real estate lawyer. The term will be for three years under the fall Town Meeting vote that has been approved by the Attorney General.

The full slate of candidates for town-wide offices follows, with (I) indicating incumbency.

Select Board

Two seats for three years

(I) Melinda A. Collins, 170 Hillside St.

(I) Kathleen M. Conlon, 42 Reedsdale Road

Cindy L. Christiansen, 59 Collamore St.

Town Treasurer

One seat for one year

(I) James D. McAuliffe,103 Wood St.

Planning Board

One seat for three years

(The term change from five years to three years was approved at the fall 2018 Town Meeting and approved by the state Attorney General)

Michael E. Kelly, 132 Whittier Road

Jason Benzaken, 417 Hillside St.

Kathleen M. O'Donnell, 12 Belcher Circle

Board of Assessors

One seat for three years

(I) William E. Bennett, 37 Westvale Road

Board of Assessors

One seat for two years

C. Robert Reetz, 222 Highland St.


One seat for three years

(I) Robert G. Hiss, 273 Adams St.

School Committee

Two seats for three years

(I) S. Elaine Craghead, 113 Thacher St.

(I) Margaret M. Eberhardt, 18 Stanton Road

Park Commissioner

One seat for three years

(I) Regina K. Malley, 18 Lyman Road

Board of Health

One seat for three years

(I) Mary F. Stenson, 91 Sias Lane

Trustee of the Public Library

Three seats for three years

(I) Hyacinth Crichlow, 70 Meadowview Road

(I) Raymond P. Czwakiel, 34 School St.

James C. Potter, 69 Saint Mary’s Road


Four seats for three years

(I) Clifford C. Flynn, 29 Guilford Road

(I) Eric Issner, 193 Granite Ave.

(I) William J. Neville, 110 Nahanton Ave.

Marybeth Joyce,104 Washington St.

Trustee of the Cemetery

One seat for five years

(I) Joseph M. Reardon, 49 Grafton Ave.

Trustee of the Cemetery

One seat for three years

Jed Dolan, 141 Cabot St.

Housing Authority

One seat for five years

(I) Lee B. Cary, 22 Sias Lane

The last day to register to vote is Wednesday, April 10 at the office of the Town Clerk. On April 10, the town clerk’s office will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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