Burials for the month of November at Milton Cemetery include:

Richard Dwyer died Jan. 30, 2018

Mark Regan died July. 4

Robert Linn died Oct. 16

Roger Butterworth died Oct. 20

Mary Langevin died Oct. 24

Arthur Clasby died Oct. 27

Donald Cunningham died Oct. 29

Sylvester Rosa died Oct. 29

James Karalekas died Oct. 31

Gerard Brady died Nov. 5

Janice Hickey died Nov. 5

Tia Maria Daniel-Clark died Nov. 9

Albert Fitzgerald died Nov. 11

Flora Massa died Nov. 19

Ronald Fletcher died Nov. 23

OTHER DEATHS REPORTED The list of deaths is provided by the Town Clerk and comes from death certificates filed with the clerk’s office.

Claire Bach died Nov. 2

Ella Johnson died Nov. 4

Thomas Downes died Nov. 11

William Crofwell died Nov. 12

Joan Beyer died Nov. 13

Mavis Laing died Nov. 15

Mary Donahue died Nov. 16

Donald White died Nov. 18

Janina Szapiel died Nov. 20

William Taylor died Nov. 22

Loretta McLaughlin died Nov. 23

Catherine Concannon died Nov. 29

Kenneth Snowdon died Nov. 30

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