For its steadfast focus, dedication, and community outreach, the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (MSAPC) is the recipient of a national award from the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA).

MSAPC Director Laurie Stillman shared this good news in an email. Stillman said she learned about the award from Gen. Arthur Dean, president and CEO of CADCA.

“I am humbled to say that Gen. Dean and the CADCA training institute staff informed me by phone and letter that the MSAPC is the national winner of the ‘CADCA Chairman’s Award’ for being the outstanding coalition that has effectively used their knowledge to affect positive change in their community,” Stillman stated. “This is a wow moment, and we should all be proud of this achievement together.”

Since its inception, members of the MSAPC have coordinated programs aimed at teenagers and older residents to educate both about the extent of the nation’s substance abuse crisis.

Importantly, steps are given to keep youth and adults safe and substance abuse-free.

Through education, not condemnation, of people with alcohol or other substance abuse problems, messages are more easily heard, understood, and adopted.

Within minutes of Stillman’s email, congratulations were returned to her from a range of Milton community leaders.

Count the Milton Police Department among these leaders for its launch on Sept. 5, 2018, in conjunction with MSAPC, of the Milton Cares Post Overdose Response Team (Milton Cares PORT).

A person who has experienced and fortunately or luckily lived through an alcohol or drug overdose is visited by this team.

As noted on, “The goal is to provide (the person) and family members with resources and, ideally, a direct referral to support and treatment.”

Milton Health Department Director Caroline Kinsella and her team are also part of the wider group that Stillman cited in her recent email.

The secular and sacred crew working to open a drop-in center for middle school students also tangentially falls under the umbrella that is the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition.

This nationally recognized award from CADCA speaks well of the men and women of Milton who are working to keep residents safe in many ways. Congratulations to the MSAPC for its ongoing work.

Lisa D. Connell


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