In a few weeks, Aug. 28 to be exact, a new school year begins for students of Milton Public Schools. New administrators will welcome students at Pierce Middle School, namely Principal William Fish and recently named Assistant Principal Janice Mazzola. Mazzola will join Fish and Assistant Principal Dr. Nick Fitzgerald as the middle school’s administrative team.

It may seem that summer vacation at last arrived and now, the fall, with its back-to-school bargains, is just around the corner.

For adults, other important and serious matters loom. Most all involve money and spending of same. Financing new fire stations plus a new elementary school top the list. Adding to the housing stock, including multi- unit dwellings and including affordable housing, are another matter. Traffic congestion can be mitigated in areas around town through planning now underway by the state and town. These possibilities will not happen overnight nor will the volume of traffic suddenly disappear. Still, there are ways to calm traffic and campaign for better attention by drivers on Milton’s streets. Cyclists and pedestrians have a role to play as well. All must look out for one another and anticipate what might happen to avoid accidents.

Just as students have homework assignments to complete, so do adults.

Start thinking of what suggestions and solutions you have to improve living, studying and working in Milton. Send your remarks to or by postal mail to 3 Boulevard St., Milton, MA 02186. Be brave — a name must be included. Include the best contact phone number for verification. Neither the phone number nor street address will be included for publication.

–Lisa D. Connell


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