Stand up straight and extend your arm out on each side, left and right. From your left hand’s longest fingertip to your right hand’s longest fingertip, the distance between these points can be used as a measurement that can be used to determine what socially distancing means, or in a better phrase to use during this time of COVID-19, physically distancing oneself from another person.

Henceforth, let’s use the term physically distancing to better remind us of the ongoing need to keep a safe distance of six feet, at least, plus wearing a mask, including outdoors, when we meet people.

Depending on how the Milton Public Schools reopen, if in part by in-person or a hybrid combination of in-person and remote, it is hoped that a 6 foot distance between desks can be achieved and will remain in place once established. More information will be coming on schools’ reopening. Keep wearing a mask indoors, which is now mandated by most retail and other commercial establishments that are open.

Wearing a mask outdoors is remaining problematic for some folks. Just wear it. Unless you are younger than the age of 2 or have medically- certified breathing problems, keep a mask on, pulled up over the mouth and the nose.

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus and we breathe in and out of our noses, too. Your chin is covered, or almost covered, with a mask. Please, if you’re outdoors, pull the mask up over your chin, mouth, and nose.

This message comes again as a result of some photos seen before publication and in one instance, a photo published. The expression on your eyes, with a mask on, will be able to convey what you are feeling and thinking.

To learn more about the coronavirus testing rates and results in Massachusetts, including the site’s “daily dashboard,” go to

– Lisa D. Connell


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