It is hoped that everyone in Milton who is a resident registered to vote does so. Now more than ever, the multiple ways in which a person can cast a ballot — in person early, by mail-in, dropping off a ballot earlier requested by mail outside the town offices building and the traditional voting in person on election day — make voting more convenient for one’s schedule.

Decide for yourself what and who you believe is the best option, the best person. Let your conscience be your guide. It is best to do this by your own volition. Trust yourself to make the right or best choice.

There is another decision to make regarding Milton’s Question 3 concerning the adoption, or not, for a second-try on the statewide Community Preservation Act. An allowable use in the CPA ties into a longstanding issue in Milton: affordable housing.

One person’s definition of affordable housing is different from another person’s definition of affordable housing. What a 40B proposal cites as affordable may be too expensive; the prices for housing on Craigslist are too high by about $300 to $500 a month for the people looking for housing, based on their wages and pandemic circumstances.

For a town that focused like other communities across the country this spring and summer on the need for an antiracist society, lack of affordable housing also is a barrier to a better place and way to live for those who seek it. Affordable housing is part of a just society. The stereotypes of who needs affordable housing run the gamut. Not all people who want to live in Milton and whose income is limited may move in with children. People, including children, who need affordable housing, do not want or need to be considered a burden. That’s an awful weight to carry. Or, an awful weight to impose on someone.

– Lisa D. Connell


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