NENPA names Milton Times a 2019 Distinguished Newspaper

At its Oct. 10 conference in Worcester, the New England News and Press Association named the Milton Times a 2019 Distinguished Newspaper.

(Photo by Lisa D. Connell)

For the second consecutive year, the Milton Times has been named a Distinguished Newspaper by the New England Newspaper & Press Association. The award, given out at NENPA’s annual New England Newspaper Conference, represents overall excellence in writing, layout and graphic design presentation, photography, advertising and community service. This year’s fall conference was held on Oct. 10 in Worcester.

It is an honor and a privilege to work on your behalf by bringing residents, readers and newspaper subscribers a detailed presentation of news in Milton that affects your life in this Norfolk County town. On behalf of the staff of the newspaper, thank you for your ongoing support. And yes, I ask that if you are not a subscriber, consider becoming one.

That’s because from reporting inside the schools, the sports’ fields, the cultural programs around town and especially, serving as the local watchdog for town government, no one covers Milton like the Milton Times.

The numerous emails that are received each week requesting publicity for a concert or play, a school benefit, a museum program and more are part of what goes into a local newspaper. The newspaper’s other sections involve hours of dedicated work by reporters and contributors to bring you the information you need to know to improve your experience of living, studying or working in Milton.

As important, know that you have a sounding board here too. Story tips are welcome.

Feel free to reach out to me at or by phone, 617-696-7758, ext. 112. Thank you.

– Lisa D. Connell


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