In times of crisis or catastrophe, what is most important and most enduring rises to the surface. Caring about other people, looking out for other people and wanting the best for other people are the emotional cream that rises to the top.

Many people rose to the challenge of waiting in line to buy groceries, personal items or supplies, both inside and outside a store. Social distancing may seem awkward at times and is taking on a new name. No longer will it mean giving someone the cold shoulder at a party or in the workplace. Rather, it will mean standing six feet between the person in front and in back of you.

If at times in any given hour in any given day it feels like the afternoon of Sept.11, 2001, or a morning in mid-September, 2008, trust that you are not alone with such worries or concerns. Uncertainty about what is to come or what will change is to be expected.

Town leaders from many different departments are looking out for us all. Heed their advice.

It will take time to find as a community, nation, and yes, world, our way out of this present situation. Have confidence that we will.

In the meantime, including by take out or online at local restaurants and eateries, support as you can these businesses. Small shops need your help more than any shipment from a warehouse behemoth. Other small businesses need your support as well, some of whom are now closed per state regulations. When these companies reopen, be sure to get in line.

– Lisa D. Connell


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