After what may have seemed a not too snowy winter and a long and dreary spring compounded by the pandemic, summer is here. The warmer weather may be here and the coronavirus pandemic remains here. Please, even if you feel uncomfortable about wearing a mask in public, do so. If not for yourself, for the other people who are wearing a mask. Some confusion about what constitutes social distancing may remain. Standing, sitting, running, biking — all require that you physically are six feet away from another person. On all sides.

It may have been better for Gov. Charlie Baker to have required people over the age of 2 to wear a mask any time they are outdoors. Too much is left for chance to ask people to wear a mask when they cannot socially distance themselves or by observation, do not know what that actually means. On a drive into work from the other side of Milton, and upon arrival in East Milton, it is evident that not everyone is wearing a mask. Many people are but not enough. People are walking side by side, still, and not wearing a mask. The distance between them does not look like six feet to an observer.

If paper-type masks are hot, and this may be the case based on practical experience, buy or have someone make you a cloth mask. It may feel cooler.

Several years from now, or 10, 20 or more, when a younger person asks you, “What did you do during the pandemic of 2020?”, you can honestly answer that you did your part by cooperating with other people’s health needs. As important, probably your own.

Don’t judge for yourself if you should wear a mask even if you are outdoors walking alone. Just do it, as an athletic and athletic wear company might say. You won’t have to wonder as you move along and perhaps, can relax and benefit more from the physical exercise. Adults and teens will set an example for younger children by wearing a mask. Sometimes, it is better to sacrifice for all than to be selfish and not care about another person.

So many adults are pushing carriages with children about town, and not wearing a mask. Just because you are outside should not matter. This virus does not discriminate. Why take a chance?

– By Lisa D. Connell


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