The Milton Times took three awards in the New England Newspaper and Press competition’s 2020 Better Newspaper contest.

We are proud of the recognition and delighted to share this information with our readers.

Elaine Cushman Carroll took a first-place award for business/economic reporting for a story she researched on the status of housing in the community.

“A strong consumer piece that profiles housing stock in Milton,” the judges said.

“The reader discovers the myriad of factors that relate to housing shortages. The series is strong in reader interest as it profiles the soon-to-be-retired, millennials and the elderly.

“The Times is in step with the much-needed trend of newspapers re-examining a traditional part of the American dream.”

That award was in the weekly newspaper category for circulation under 6,000.

We send applause to Elaine as well as to our editor Lisa Connell for the amazing work that they both do week after week.

We have received wonderful feedback from our readers who appreciate the depth and breadth of our coverage.

Elaine also took a third-place award in the social issues feature story slot for her story about gay marriage on the 15th anniversary of the legalization.

“Terrific localizing of the impact of the gay marriage act passage.”

In the native advertising category, Aldo Pinto, our designer, and Nadine Leary, advertising coordinator, won a third place award in the weekly newspapers section.

“A tried and true concept of A to Z advertisers is utilized in this double truck,” the judges said. “Clear ads.”

The concept is something the Milton Times does on an annual basis since our account representative Lisa St. Fort organized it a dozen years ago.

Most of our staff spent time at the NENPA convention at the Renaissance in Boston Feb. 7 and 8 learning new tools to help deliver a contemporary newspaper both in print and online to our readers.

We hope to continue to grow and refine our skills to deliver the sort of information our readers want. We are grateful for the acknowledgement of our peers but even more grateful for the support of the community.

The support from the community includes thanking those who agree to be sources and share their life experience and expertise with the editorial staff.

Pat Desmond

Milton Times Publisher

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