If you haven’t noticed our new website, please take a moment to do so at www.miltontimes.com. We’ve freshened up the landing page’s look, or the first page that you see when you type in the web address. A sports section is now included on the website, along with a local weather report and a graph showing the ups and downs of the daily stock market. Online comments to posted articles are welcome and will be edited for good taste.

Photo submissions uploaded to the website are welcome as well.

The print edition also is sporting a new masthead, one with a bolder, sans serif typeface. The image of the Baron Hugo Gazebo is now on the website.

If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the Milton Times, either for a print, online or combination subscription blending new and traditional media. Purchase of a subscription means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pick up a copy of the latest edition at any of multiple places where the newspaper is sold. That’s another feature of the new website: a listing by location of where you can pick up a copy. For T commuters, the newspaper’s 11-by-17 inch size makes it easy to read, standing or sitting.

Online subscriptions or the Milton Times’ e-edition can be viewed on your smartphone as well, another convenient way to stay in the know.

Your support of the newspaper via subscription or store pick up builds your knowledge of changes underway in Milton. From business and residential development such as the former Hendries building site and Wolcott Woods plan, respectively, the town’s landscape will change. What will remain constant is residents’ concerns for how the town will look from 2019 to the next decade and beyond.


Finding land on which to build, or not, a new elementary school and at least one updated fire station, will be a challenge. Ongoing reporting in the Milton Times of these financial and structural concerns will keep you up to date with fact-based, vetted, multi-sourced news stories. This is where a subscription will benefit you and your family and friends the most — learn what you need to know to stay in the loop. Social media can only go so far to give you accurate information of town government, school news, and sports.

Subscription information can be accessed at miltontimes.com, or on page x of today’s newspaper. Phone calls to subscribe are welcome too, at 617-696-7758. Drop in to say hello to start or renew a subscription at our office in East Milton Square, on the first floor of 3 Boulevard St.

A friendly shout-out here to the Milton elementary school student who has her own subscription to the Milton Times. You remain an inspiration. Keep reading and thank you.

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