Gov. Baker did the right thing to declare a four-month ban across the state on the sale of vaping products and devices, including tobacco and marijuana, sold online and in retail stores. In Milton, nine retail establishments are affected by the ban, according to Health Director, Caroline Kinsella, BSN, RN, RS.

The ban is at least, an economic inconvenience to the local retailers and retailers in Massachusetts’ cities and towns.

The ban at best, is a quick-stop method of protecting young men and women below the age of 21 from potentially permanently injuring their lungs. The most recent reports by the state Department of Public Health to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention point to more young women than young men affected by vaping illnesses. The statewide ban is in effect until Jan. 25, 2020.

Meanwhile, the parishioners of St. Agatha Church have the potential to increase public safety as well. Certainly, at the local level and adjoining towns and the city of Quincy, of which St. Agatha ministers to. A proposal by the Fire Station Building Committee to purchase a piece of land next to the rectory building of the church for a new East Milton fire station is a good one. In fact, it’s a great proposal. Some of the details were presented by the Rev. William Palardy, pastor of St. Agatha Parish, at a Sept. 18 gathering in a church meeting room.

As reported in the Sept. 26 Milton Times, an email by Palardy after the Sept. 18 meeting noted that “the parish will be reviewing the proposal through its Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council and School Board.”

To a sacred community, this secular publication asks St. Agatha parishioners and its church leaders to give the proposal serious consideration. And, after doing so, agree to a sale of the land for a new, firefighter-safe, modern and up to code fire station that can serve all of Milton plus offer mutual fire aid to Quincy and nearby towns. It’s the right thing to do.

– Lisa D. Connell


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