A childhood memory of riding in a light blue-green 1970s-era Buick or Chevrolet station wagon through East Milton Square to Blue Hill Avenue as a faster way to get to Boston Children’s Hospital comes to mind with every walk taken through the square.

The traffic pattern of some 50 years ago may not be the same route a driver today would be able to follow. The square at that particular medical moment was used as a cut-through to get to Longwood Avenue quicker.

How current or former Milton residents view this town, particularly East Milton Square, is as individual as the car one drives (or rides in).

As such, discussion continues at Planning Board meetings, including a meeting tonight (Jan. 9), where possibilities for future physical changes in Milton are on the night’s agenda. Note the operative word is possibilities; nothing is yet set in stone. These possibilities include preparing for a second outreach to East Milton residents and business owners about revitalizing the square. Judi Barrett, principal of Barrett Consulting, will lead another listening session later this month. The meeting is at 7 p.m. Jan. 29 at the Milton Art Center, 334 Edge Hill Road. We will let you know the details.

Pending change at the site of the former ice house property, near 485-487 Blue Hills Parkway, also looms large. Comments from residents, especially from those who live in that area, are being accepted by town officials. Yet to be determined if the proposed residential development on this site will be allowed.

The work of the Planning Board may seem dry yet it is some of the town’s most important work as this board guides and shapes the town’s future development. How does Milton see itself in 10, 25 or 50 years? Change through updated zoning plans and affordable housing proposals may bring more to the life and character of the town than the fear that any such change will bring bad results. Please keep an open mind on these issues.

– Lisa D. Connell


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