It’s now here – the year 2020 – the start of the third decade of the 21st century.

As this new year beckons, unresolved issues linger. Visions of what Milton could be may never come to pass. It is the hope that they do: Affordable housing for families, with no worry of the cost on public services; an inclusionary outlook to the communities adjacent to Milton; a wholehearted support of this newspaper, yearround, and not just when an email or phone call arrives prefacing a please-publish-this request with, “I’m a Milton resident” and yet no print or online subscription in our records match the caller’s name or email.

Milton should be more than a bedroom community for those who hang their hats here and turn down the covers at night. Subscribe to the newspaper that is going to give you the information needed to make decisions that will affect how much of your hard-earned income goes to taxes and what the town will physically, if not ideologically, become.

Each of us may have in our respective minds what services, businesses, and dwellings could improve Milton as we now know it. A laundromat, an MBTA bus route that runs regularly between East Milton Square and the North Quincy or Wollaston T station, come to mind. Other residents may wish for dry, level land on which to build any needed municipal buildings or a seat on the public school bus for any student who wants one.

It has been said in some circles that change comes to Milton very, very slowly. It has also been said that for some Milton residents, this is preferable, this is the residential draw. A lack of zoning changes over the decades, from the last century especially, has walled off ideas, people and possibilities of what Milton could become to be at its best.

Let’s start this new year, this new decade, with an eye to growth in many forms, with an eye to what it truly is that Milton wants to be known for.

Lisa D. Connell

– Editor

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