This is as good a time as any to retire the phrase, “It went viral.”

Now, with the closure of so much of daily, regular life and upcoming late spring and summer activities, a new expression is being adopted: “It went virtual.”

Students in public and private schools across Massachusetts will continue the academic year until mid-June, remotely. For Milton public school students, with the exception of high school seniors, that date is June 17. The graduation date for the Milton High School Class of 2020 is June 7, according to the school department’s online calendar.

With the enthusiasm and dedication of MHS Principal James Jette, we remain confident that he and his team will find the best way to honor seniors in this age of COVID-19. As reflected in this week’s newspaper, that recognition has begun; it takes a good amount of time to plant 231 yard signs across Milton at the homes of seniors. Thank you to the members of the Milton High Boosters for their work, led by Jimmy Coyne and aided by the MHS athletic department team including Ryan Madden and Patty Pauris. It’s nice that athletes and non-athletes got some lawn or front-door recognition. That’s a highlight to remember for this year’s senior class.

Life is changed, but it is not over, as a greeting card message may read.

It is very important that all of us remember that.

Have faith in students to get through the rest of the school year. Have faith in yourself to navigate working from home, although as Gov. Charlie Baker noted April 21 when he announced all public and private schools would remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year, he knows the stress in doing so. Working from home while simultaneously caring for a family and overseeing children’s school work is tough, to say it mildly.

Adults without children or whose children are no longer living at home with them face challenges of loneliness and boredom. Be a good neighbor at this time; check in on your neighbors whose households might seem less complicated than yours.

Other things of note went viral this week — we’re talking about the mixed blessing known by the blanket expression “social media.”

Popping up on popular Milton online streams: Complaints and concerns of not enough learning going on by students and the financial and emotional cost of same. Calls for support of two different Milton police union contracts and cries against some elected town leaders.

What is more concerning at this time, though, is the number of people traveling about Milton who are not wearing a mask or face covering over the mouth and nose.

Not coming down with this novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is the most important thing to fight at this time. Wearing a face covering better protects you and the people you come in contact with from this serious illness for which there is no known cure or vaccine.

– Lisa D. Connell


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Shmuel Septimus

It’s a completely different world. Time to stop fighting it and embracing this new reality that’s not likely to change any time soon.

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