The school year is young, with Grade 1 through Grade 12 students returning to their respective school buildings Sept. 16 and pre-k and kindergarten students on Sept. 21.

While most people want all students to work hard and do well in school, remember that not all kids love, or even like, school. Encourage them no less than the more engaged pupils. Remember that some children and young adults like school but actually being in school is where the problem lies.

We wish all of the students well this year, including those from Milton who attend Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton and those who attend parochial and private schools in town and beyond Milton.

Speaking of school-related issues, the job posting for the Senior Director of Educational Equity is posted on a popular academic job board: The job ID is 3367411. The posting date was Sept. 18 with an application deadline of Oct. 2. The starting date was listed as immediately. The pay range for this full-time job is $90,000 to $105,000.

The position’s description begins:

“The Senior Director of Educational Equity will work alongside the Superintendent as a strategic planner in order to ensure inclusive, anti-racist, academically rigorous, and dynamic school cultures across the Milton Public Schools in collaboration with Central Administration and school principals.

“In conjunction with the leadership team, they will develop a system of accountability that will collect and examine data, create and develop professional development opportunities for staff, design and maintain relationships with caregivers/community members to address inequities and systemic racism, and eliminate gaps for all marginalized populations within the Milton Public Schools.

“The Senior Director will document and report to the community on progress towards said efforts. Additionally, the Senior Director will provide support to all Milton Public Schools stakeholders in their efforts to address inequities within the curriculum, policies/practices, and community participation as the district strives to ensure that all students have an authentic sense of belonging. The Senior Director will actively address systemic racism and bias issues throughout all levels of the school system.”

That’s a lot of money for the school district to budget for when it knows that it needs to find money, and not always through a tax override, for a new school building. That’s a lot of money when some requested teaching positions at the high school were cut along with a school bus because of budget shortfalls.

It is hoped and requested (no, demanded) that, per the job description, “the Senior Director will document and report to the community on progress towards said efforts” that the entire Milton community is the community being referenced, not just the community of people with children in the school system at the time of the reports.

The reports should be freely made public, ready for publishing in this newspaper and online on the school district’s website at

At a remote or online School Committee meeting this summer when former Superintendent Mary C. Gormley was at the helm, the answer to two questions from an audience member cannot be recalled, but the questions themselves can be. Perhaps no answers were given because of the questions’ startling nature.

To paraphrase: could the new Senior Director of Educational Equity be a person of color because he or she could relate better to students of color and could the Senior Director work autonomously?

The answer to both questions is, and should be, no.

– Lisa D. Connell


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