On Monday of next week, Feb. 25, Special Town Meeting attendees will debate the future of the Kidder building, once used as a branch library and currently home to preschool Discovery Schoolhouse, Inc.

Town Meeting Members, elected by residents from the respective 10 precincts, will ultimately vote and decide its fate.

One of six articles to be discussed and acted upon during the winter Town Meeting, it could be the one to raise strong emotions from attendees.

Article 2: “To see if the Town will vote to transfer the former Kidder Branch Library property at 101 Blue Hills Parkway from the Trustees of the Milton Public Library for library purposes to the Trustees of the Milton Public Library for the purposes of sale of said property, and further, to authorize the Trustees of the Milton Public Library to sell said property for such consideration and upon such terms as the Trustees of the Public Library deem appropriate.”

As you may have noticed by the letters to the editor in the last several issues of the Milton Times, including this edition, opinions about the Kidder building, are mixed. Should it be sold to help the sole and main library meet its mission? Should a plan be negotiated so that the Discovery Schoolhouse can receive a downpayment to buy the building and keep it as a preschool? A monthly rent is now paid by Discovery Schoolhouse to lease the Kidder building.

When it comes down to a vote by Town Meeting Members on the building’s future, each member must decide what is best, based on what their constituents want and what the member believes is best for Milton as it now stands and its future.

Here is a summary by title of the Town Meeting Warrant Articles:

Article 1: Fire Station Building Committee Appropriation

Article 2: Transfer of Kidder Branch Library Property

Article 3: Amend Zoning Bylaws (Setbacks and Height-Great Estate PUD)

Article 4: Amend Zoning Bylaws (Traffic Impact Mitigation)

Article 5: Application of Bond Premium

Article 6: Authorize Moderator to Appoint School Building Committee

On another note, the staff of the Milton Times attended the Feb. 15-16 New England Newspaper Convention. In its awards program, Times’ graphic designer and production manager Aldo Pinto won a second place award for design and presentation of the Milton Times 2018 Community Guide. Times publisher Pat Desmond won second place for a story in the Right to Know category, regarding an e-mail discussion and decision among members of the Milton Sign Committee. 

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